One of my favorite milestones….

Filled up another flash drive today...the three flipped over in the picture above are full of everything I've done with Thee Under Channel and a million other abandoned projects. Of the 128Gs of material...i'd say about 30% has ever actually been released. Here's hoping that on the new one (Blue Onn 64GB) I can improve … Continue reading One of my favorite milestones….

Gal Gun – Special Music of Emotion

FOUND THIS SAVED ON MY HARD DRIVE UNRELEASED FOR ALMOST 4 MONTHS (5-25-18) Damn, this one hit right when I needed it. Hazey power punk from Chicago that sounds like "King of the Beach" Waaves on a cloudy day. This album delivers. It's chock full of 60's pop hooks from start to finish. The band … Continue reading Gal Gun – Special Music of Emotion

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