in Transition

To any Underchanneling & all Internet Wanderers,Bouts of silence have plagued TUC at different periods over it's 5 years of existence. Nearly all, due to some level of mental collapse from Yours truly. There comes a point in every release cycle where I begin to feel suffocated by new inspiration & the day to day … Continue reading in Transition

Robert Under’s Favorite Albums of 2020

Like any iceberg, the content which has surfaced on TUC is but a small peak of what was thought up, planned & prepped, and sometimes even recorded over the years. To avoid that fate, and all the self loathing/anxiety that goes along with some of those pieces never coming out, I've decided to convert what … Continue reading Robert Under’s Favorite Albums of 2020

May 2019 Content Dump (1-3)

Apologies for the absence throughout May, lots of changes in the personal life - some changes to the show (covered in the episode introduction) We managed to record enough material for three hour long episodes: Ep1 Marvel's War of the Realms and the Batman G Castro Watch Ep2 Robert and Steve talk Game of Thrones … Continue reading May 2019 Content Dump (1-3)

Best of Thee Under Channel Relaunch

We've sat dormant long enough. Things have changed up a bit, so I thought it was time to update everyone before we start putting up new content. Thee Under Channel as a weekly show is dead...again. We'll now be moving our focus towards a more specialty-based Limited Series and One-Shot format. Working against the clock … Continue reading Best of Thee Under Channel Relaunch

Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree

transmission from Thee North Pole. It is the inaugural Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree Special! Introduction Topics Catch-up with the Cast Christmas Chronicles Black Christmas Preview Mustard Plug - The Beer Song (link - youtube) The Lillingtons - Zodiac (link - youtube) The Suicide Machines - Break the Glass (link - youtube) Frank White - The … Continue reading Thee Under Thee Christmas Tree

Thee Under Channel 019

Prepare your ears for something's a TUC Halloween Special! Not only is the subject matter dark this week, the recording was a house of horrors. With Erin out doing fatherly duties, Robert mans the board things go off the rails. Pile on a lack of prep work by the host and you get a … Continue reading Thee Under Channel 019