in Transition

To any Underchanneling & all Internet Wanderers,Bouts of silence have plagued TUC at different periods over it's 5 years of existence. Nearly all, due to some level of mental collapse from Yours truly. There comes a point in every release cycle where I begin to feel suffocated by new inspiration & the day to day … Continue reading in Transition

Robert Under’s Favorite Albums of 2020

Like any iceberg, the content which has surfaced on TUC is but a small peak of what was thought up, planned & prepped, and sometimes even recorded over the years. To avoid that fate, and all the self loathing/anxiety that goes along with some of those pieces never coming out, I've decided to convert what … Continue reading Robert Under’s Favorite Albums of 2020

One of my favorite milestones….

Filled up another flash drive today...the three flipped over in the picture above are full of everything I've done with Thee Under Channel and a million other abandoned projects. Of the 128Gs of material...i'd say about 30% has ever actually been released. Here's hoping that on the new one (Blue Onn 64GB) I can improve … Continue reading One of my favorite milestones….

Jukebox : Zelooperz – “Bigger Than Me”

Artist : Zelooperz (Facebook) Located : Detroit, Mi Album : Dyn-O-Mite (2019) (Discogs) Label : Bruiser Brigade Records Genre : Experimental Gangsta Rap FFO : Danny Brown, Lil B, Tyler the Creator (post-Flower Boy) Ideal Experience : Waking up early enough to drop the rent check off on Monday before the office opens... Why Listen … Continue reading Jukebox : Zelooperz – “Bigger Than Me”

May 2019 Content Dump (1-3)

Apologies for the absence throughout May, lots of changes in the personal life - some changes to the show (covered in the episode introduction) We managed to record enough material for three hour long episodes: Ep1 Marvel's War of the Realms and the Batman G Castro Watch Ep2 Robert and Steve talk Game of Thrones … Continue reading May 2019 Content Dump (1-3)

TUC vs. MCU 22 – Avengers: Endgame

Episode 22 of Thee Under Channel vs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been released.  The conclusion to a story 11 years in the making... Today we are going be talking Avengers: Endgame. Released on April 26th, 2019 and directed by ­Anthony and Joe Russo, Endgame was the 22nd film to be released and is the … Continue reading TUC vs. MCU 22 – Avengers: Endgame