in Transition

To any Underchanneling & all Internet Wanderers,

Bouts of silence have plagued TUC at different periods over it’s 5 years of existence. Nearly all, due to some level of mental collapse from Yours truly. There comes a point in every release cycle where I begin to feel suffocated by new inspiration & the day to day work required for the ongoing releases. As deadlines pass unresolved, I sneak behind messenger silence and claim turmoil audibly. Eventually the tension will break me as I send group and/or personal messages to all involved stinking of self deprecation.

TUC goes dark…and I start writing in notebooks, or endlessly retyping documents for the next series of projects I want to attempt. They are molded into form with cast members and availability in mind until I recognize my own hedonism & begin scheduling sessions.


returning to complete

This time has been a bit different as I have handed over the helm of TUC to our longtime producer Erin, while I give my self time to focus purely on content generation. Erin will be helming the production and release of a number of different features (example : Amazon Prime’s Invincible) in the coming months, while I focus in on relaunching Thee Under Channel’s flagship show.

There’s no proper way to ever end these damn posts.

– Robert Under