Robert Under’s Favorite Albums of 2020

Like any iceberg, the content which has surfaced on TUC is but a small peak of what was thought up, planned & prepped, and sometimes even recorded over the years.

To avoid that fate, and all the self loathing/anxiety that goes along with some of those pieces never coming out, I’ve decided to convert what would have been my show notes for top albums of 2021 into a blog post here on the newly revived

And since I’ve also been promising additional varieties of content here are the albums or artists who released new music in 2020 that I was listening to…

Album of the Year
Christian Lee Hutson – Beginners

A beautiful collection of melancholic folk that I spun so many times this year that my wife proclaimed “ALL YOU LISTEN TO IS SAD MUSIC!”.

If you need a bit of pedigree to convince you further, Christian co-wrote and played on the self titled EP from supergroup ‘Boygenius’ as well as Bridgers’ 2019 release with Conor Oberst, Better Oblivion Community Center, and sophomore album Punisher.

Treeskin – Learning
Locally based (Metro Detroit) solo project percussionist/multi instrumentalist of The Accidentals Michael Dause. The production on this one is what takes this collection of songs to one of my favorite of the year…

Macabre – Carnival of Killers
All-time TUC favorites & Chicagoland’s original metal outliers & first album in 9 years (Nuclear Blast)

Reworkings of popular nursery rhymes or melodies can be off putting to the uninitiated, but the all original pieces are worth your time

Internal – Scrape
Carrying on the long held tradition of badass canines on the cover of badass hardcore albums.

Trevor Vaughn – one of those hardcore/powerviolence renaissance men
(Wound Man – Brother – etc)

Whole release is only 4M23S

Travolta – in Tinnitus We Trust
If you’re going to listen to any Belgian Powerviolence album this year, this is the one.
Throw away whatever your current favorite Belgian Hardcore album from 2020 is and give this bad boy a spin –  be warned – heavily political but not insufferable – antifascist – you gotta understand that some music in the realm of hardcore is just political – get passed it – Doug Stanhope and South Park sound bytes

Raindance – Bite
In Utero-esque Pummeling Hardcore
New Bedford, MA – Recorded in 2014 but never released – put out through Atomic Action Records


Boldy James
Released The Price of Tea in China in February, and then boom! Comes back with Sterling Toles for the incredible Manger on Mcnichols – and then another mixtape through Griselda and a studio album produced by Alchemist to close out december. Even more BJ I need to catch up on

“Doors and Fours”

9.19.2020 Weekend at Fatty’s
This years comfort food – Quarantine Streams

RA the Rugged Man – All My Heroes are DeadRejoicing is the only answer when RA drops a new full length – this is one to show to your “intellectual” hip hop friends

Koreatown Oddity
A lot of originality in him, reminded of the first time hearing DOOM or Earl

Discovered on Quakers – II The Next Wave

Amigo the Devil
2020 music video for a song released in 2018… Bob Seeger singing death ballads

Gorilla Twins
Nems and Ill Bill

Bob Vylan
What the fuck am I doing?