Back Catalog Re-Drop

When Erin first came into the fold as the show’s producer I made the decision to take down my entire back catalog to guarantee any new listener’s first impression would be something the two of I had worked on together. We released 20 weekly episodes, a Christmas special and a variety of other material during this iteration of the show and eventually carried its momentum into TUCvsMCU Event.

As we approach the debut of Thee Under Channel’s Weekly Rayvue, a music and film opinion format, the time is right to make the entire body of my work available once again. Every post that has ever been published on this site is now public for your enjoyment.

Brief rundown of whats been added…
Thee Under Channel : My first attempt at hosting, spent a lot of time scrambling around to find people to sit down with my until my buddy GGG came along.
Under the Tree : Movie review pod I hosted with Babin(from TUC2.0) – We would pod before and after watching a movie.
Discussting Views : My attempt at Shock Jock/Offensive content, political and social issues show discussed by 3 very different personalities.
and even some written pieces.

Expect some more updates and content in the coming weeks…
– R