Jukebox : Zelooperz – “Bigger Than Me”

Artist : Zelooperz (Facebook)
Located : Detroit, Mi
Album : Dyn-O-Mite (2019) (Discogs)
Label : Bruiser Brigade Records
Genre : Experimental Gangsta Rap
FFO : Danny Brown, Lil B, Tyler the Creator (post-Flower Boy)

Ideal Experience : Waking up early enough to drop the rent check off on Monday before the office opens…

Why Listen : This is some of the most promising Detroit Hip-Hop I’ve come across since The Cool Kids…At first I was going to post “52 Pickup” from an album released back in February called Wild Card. I had initially thought Dyn-O-Mite was an older album and am blown away that these two albums were dropped within 3 months of each other…

Further Listening : 52 Pickup, I Got It, Easter Sunday (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)